Private Watch Club, for the True Enthusiast


Hands On

Our private club lets you get VIP access to try out some of the best watches on the market today. Impress your friends and coworkers, or simply test drive the watch before you buy one.



Variety is the spice of life, and with 100+ watches in our collection, you'll always have something new to wear. New watches are added regularly, so you'll never run out.


Plenty of Wrist Time

  As a member, you get 30 days to enjoy each watch. And if you need more time, simply extend your booking with your concierge(provided no other member booked that watch).


Next Chapter

  The next chapter in our journey is coming soon, stay tuned for something amazing. If you loved what we've done with WLC...wait till you see our next project.

WLC was started with a simple idea. To make enjoying luxury watches a lot more accessible. The problem with collecting luxury watches costing tens of thousands of dollars is that it can get expensive very fast and unfortunately the honeymoon period only lasts for so long(no matter how nice the watch is) before you eventually get bored with the watch and start obsessing over something else. That's just so inefficient and keeps so many people away from truly enjoying this hobby. And we know we can do better.

Our club is designed to let you enjoy all the best watches that are out today, during that elusively brief honeymoon phase...then once you get bored with a watch, you send it back to us and get a new timepiece to enjoy. It's like having your very own constantly expanding curated collection with hundreds of watches, but without having to worry about losing thousands of dollars to depreciation, taxes and maintenance.

Since our goal is to make this hobby truly affordable for the watch enthusiasts, we've designed our membership pricing so that your membership will cost you less than what you'd pay for a single watch. So you have to decide, whether you are happy with having an extra watch that's all yours, or if you'd rather have access to hundreds of different high end watches that you can enjoy for years to come.

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