WLC is a private club built around luxury timepieces that offers members a lifetime access to our ever growing watch collection. The way our club works is that you buy into the club with your initiation fee, which gets you a lifetime membership(as long as you stay current with your membership dues). You can then take watches from our collection to use as you see fit. This allows you to rotate through some of the greatest time pieces out today, so you'll always have something extra special on your wrist. Basically being a member is like having a huge watch collection of your own.

The initiation fee goes towards growing the club's collection and helps protect the club against fraud.

We have different access levels to fit any budget. You can see just what kind of watches each access level gains you by taking a look at our collection. But the short of it is that each access level lets you book better and better watches. So if luxury watches are a passion of yours, this is really a no brainer decision, the hardest part is picking what access level to start off with:


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  • $150/mo Dues
  • No Wildcards
  • Tier 1 Limit
  • Assigned Booking


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  • $250/mo Dues
  • 1 Wildcard
  • Tier 3 Limit
  • Standard Booking

Platinum Access$30,000

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  • $500/mo Dues
  • 5 Wildcards
  • No Limits
  • Advanced Booking


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  • $1,500/mo Dues
  • Up to 5 Individuals
  • Tier 5 Limit
  • Standard Booking

Terms Explained:
Wildcard - Gives you priority access to book a watch(additional wildcards are $150/each)
Tier Limits - This is the top tier that you can book with your access level. Take a look at our collection to see what tier each watch is in.
Assigned Booking - The watches will be selected for you based on what's currently available.
Standard Booking - Bookings are based on your current access level and availability.
Advanced Booking - Reserve watches in advance, so they'll be available for your next booking.

Zenith El Primero White Dial
Zenith El Primero
Zenith close
El Primerofilter_2
42mm White Dial

Tier 2 - Retails for $6,000+

This is an amazing looking watch, by far one of the best looking ones on the market today.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut
Patek Philippe Aquanaut
Patek Philippeclose
Aquanaut 5167filter_7
40mm Black Dial

Tier 7 - Retails for $25,000+

A classic diver from Patek, the dial is masterfully engraved and features gold numerals.

Rolex DateJust II Gold
Rolex DateJust II
Rolex close
DateJust IIfilter_3
41mm White Gold

Tier 3 - Retails for $9,000+

A classic Rolex with a white gold bezel and a rhodium arabic dial.

44mm Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco
Chopard Grand Prix
Chopard close
Grand Prix de Monacofilter_3
44mm Yellow Chronograph

Tier 3 - Retails for $6,000+

This is an amazing looking watch that pays a ton of attention to detail. Perfect watch for the drivers among you.

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