The Watch Lending Club is an exclusive private club that lets our members wear some of the finest timepieces on the market today. Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Phillippe, and all the other high end brands find their way into our collection to be shared by our members. We have something for everyone. Everything from entry level luxury watches worth a few grand to high end timepieces that cost more than most cars.

Our members join for a multitude of reasons. Some just want to test drive a watch before they spend thousands of dollars on one. After all, it's one thing to try on a watch for a few minutes at a's quite another to see just how it wears as a daily. Others just use us sporadically for when they have a special occasion that they want to wear a nice watch to or just feel like rewarding themselves. And others are simply watch enthusiasts who just want to try out all the different watches out there without losing thousands and thousands of dollars on depreciation/taxes or those that just don't want to deal with the hassle/risks of selling a high end watch. Whichever category you fall into, WLC gives you plenty of options to pick from.

When you apply to join the club, you'll first verify your identity and will then buy a points package. Once you have your points, you'll become a lifetime member and will be able to use them to take out watches from our collection. Your points never expire, so whether you want to wear something new every month or just want to use us for special occasions, you'll have the flexibility to do both.

Once you are ready to pick a watch, browse our collection and find a piece that speaks to you, then get in touch with your personal concierge to book it. Our concierges keep track of your tastes, so if you are not sure of what watch to take out next, make sure to ask them for suggestions. Watches are booked on first come, first serve basis, but since we know that everyone has that holy grail they've been obsessing over, each point package comes with wildcards that let you get priority booking.

Each booking period lasts 30 days(we don't count the time the watch spends being shipped to/from us, so you get the full 30 days to enjoy the watch). You can reserve the watch for multiple booking periods and you also have the option to extend your booking(provided no other member is waiting for the watch).

Once you are booked, sit back and relax and wait for your watch to arrive. Then once your booking period comes to an end, mail it back and pick the next watch to take out.

But your membership doesn't just get you access to our watches. We take the club part seriously. When you join, you become part of the WLC family. Which is why your membership gets you access to exclusive events both in United States and abroad where you can meet your fellow members, priority access to luxury goods, services and product launches, as well as access to partner offers.

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IWC Aquatimer Cousteau
IWC Aquatimer Cousteau
Audemars Piguet Forged Carbon Diver
AP Royal Oak Diver
Audemars Piguetclose
Royal Oak Offshore Diverfilter_6
42mm Forged Carbon Black Dial

Tier 6 - Retails for $24,000+

This takes the AP Diver(a unique watch in it's own right) and takes it to the next level. The forged carbon case is truly a masterpiece to behold.

44mm Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon
Omega Speedmaster DSOTM
Rolex Daytona Meteorite
Rolex Daytona
Rolex close
40mm Meteorite SS

Tier 6 - Retails for $25,000+

A truly unique Daytona with a stunning meteorite dial(sourced from the Gibeon Meteorite) with roman numeral markers.

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