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Our private club lets you get VIP access to try out some of the best watches out today. Impress your friends and coworkers, or simply test drive the watch before you buy one.


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Variety is the spice of life, and with 100+ watches in our collection, you'll always have something new to wear. New watches are added regularly, so you'll never run out.


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Membership points never expire. And there are no monthly fees. Use us every month or just for special occasions. Flexibility is key to our membership.


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Lend the watches from your personal collection(that are just sitting there, collecting dust), and make a few spare bucks on the side. We pay 75% of all revenue generated by your watch.

44mm Royal Oak Offshore Gray Ceramic
AP Royal Oak Offshore
Audemars Piguet close
Royal Oak Offshorefilter_7
44mm Gray Ceramic

Tier 7 - Retails for $40,000+

When it comes to luxury watches, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak line is at the top of the food chain. This is the 44mm Offshore chronograph version. It comes finished with a gray dial and a ceramic case. The quality of this watch just screams luxury, make everyone gawk when you show up with this on your wrist.

Patek Philippe Nautilus
Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711
Patek Philippeclose
Nautilus 5711filter_7
40mm Blue Dial

Tier 7 - Retails for $40,000+

This is the grand daddy of them all. Subdued classic luxury that only the true connoissor will regognize.

Rolex GMT Master Batman
Rolex GMT Master Batman
Rolex close
GMT Master Batmanfilter_3
40mm Blue Theme

Tier 3 - Retails for $10,000+

Rolex is a classic staple of any luxury watch collection. The GMT Master and the Submariner are some of the most popular watches Rolex sells. This is the BLNR "Batman" version. It has a unique blue theme to the dial and the GMT hand, which helps add a touch of modernity to a watch tha has been otherwise unchanged for 40 years.

Panerai Luminor PAM111
Panerai Luminor Marina
Luminor Marinafilter_3
44mm w/ Crown Guard

Tier 3 - Retails for $6,000+

This is a classic Panerai. It's a 44mm watch that really brings attention to your wrist. The crown guard really helps tell everyone who looks that the watch is special and the sandwhich dial is a simple yet classy feature that separates it from the other watches on the market today. And like most PAMs, it has a very easy strap changing mechanism.

Hublot Big Bang Evolution
Hublot Big Bang Evolution
40mm Glashutte Original Pano Reserve
Glashutte Pano Reserve
Glashutte Original close
Pano Reservefilter_3
40mm Blue Power Reserve

Tier 3 - Retails for $8,500+

A stunning Glashutte in blue with a prominent power reserve. Truly an amazing piece, that will get everyone talking.

42mm IWC Pilot Saint Exupery
IWC Pilot St. Exupery
Vacheron Constantin Overseas 4500V
VC Overseas 4500V
Vacheron Constantin close
Overseas 4500Vfilter_3
42mm Blue Dial

Tier 3 - Retails for $12,000+

Vacheron Constantins are a great brand for anyone who doesn't want something too flashy. If you are the type that wants to let the watch tell the story, then this is the watch for you.

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Our Philosophy

Watches are some of the finest crafted luxury goods that you can get your hands on. It's a finely tuned instrument and is one of the few accessories that men can really wear. But for some of us it's not just an accessory, it's a hobby. Every one of our members loves watches. The problem is that collecting watches can take a life of its own. The first few months that you get a new watch, you are loving it. You wear it everywhere you go. The next few months it becomes just another watch in your rotation, just something you put on occasionally. And the last few months you get bored with the watch and you begin the process all over again by finding a new watch to obsess over. With the Watch Lending Club, our goal is to let you experience all these stunning watches during the best time of owning the watch, the honeymoon phase, when it's fresh, when it's new, when you can't help but stare at the finely crafted details every time you look at it. And with our collection, you can rotate the watches every time want something fresh, without losing thousands to depreciation.

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