What kind of club is this?
This is a club for watch enthusiasts. The idea behind the club is to offer our members access to hundreds of luxury watches for less than the cost of a single luxury watch.

What countries do you offer service in?
At the moment we only offer service in Continental United States. We are continually exploring international expansion opportunities based upon demand. If you would like to see us expand to your market, please be sure to provide us with your information and we will advise you as soon as we’re headed your way.

How do I join?
Simply fill out our application and a member of our staff will be in touch shortly.

Do I need to renew my membership?
Your membership auto-renews automatically as long as you stay current with your membership dues. Essentially its a lifetime membership that never expires, which means you'll be able to get newly released watches from all the top brands for the rest of your life.

What happens if my membership dues aren't paid?
If your membership dues aren't paid, you won't be able to take out any new watches until you are all paid up. If you aren't all paid up after 6 months, your membership will be suspended and you will be required to pay a penalty to reactivate it(20% of the level's initation fee).

Which access level should I pick?
We recommend starting with the Bronze access level to try out the concept of the club. Then once you are sure that this is the club for you, you can upgrade for more access.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my access level?
You can upgrade your access level at any time...simply pay the initiation level difference between the two levels.

Can I transfer/sell my membership?
Yes. We realize that becoming a lifetime member is a pretty big commitment. The good news, is that we allow you to resell your membership as long as the buyer passes our verification process. This way you can recoup most of your costs of joining the club, which means your actual club membership cost ends up being just the membership dues.

Why do you charge what you charge for membership?
The answer is simple, we have to have these kind of fees for three reasons. 1. To act as insurance against theft. 2. To help contribute towards acquiring more watches for the club and growing our collection. And 3. To keep our monthly dues low.


How much choice will I have?
Our watch collection grows with our membership. We buy a new watch every time a new member joins the club. This means, that you'll never run out of new watches to try. It also means that no matter what, you'll always have a multiple watches to pick from. That said, all the watches are shared by all the members, so if you are looking to try out a specific watch, you might have to wait for it to come back from a booking or will have to use a wildcard to reserve your spot with that watch.

What's the procedure for taking out a watch?
Simple, when you are ready to make a booking, get in touch with our concierge team who'll then give you a list of currently available watches. Pick the one you like most, and you'll receive it in the mail in a few days. You get 90 days with each watch(note: we don't count the time the watch spends being shipped to/from us). At the end of the booking, simply mail it back and once we receive it, you can pick out a new watch to try out next.

How do I ship my watch back?
Put everything back in the box, and send it back to us. As long as tracking shows that the watch was shipped on the last day of your booking, you won't be charged any late fees.

What happens if I damage the watch?
Since we are a members club, we are a lot more lenient when it comes to damage to our watches. We want you to actually enjoy wearing these watches, instead of worrying about damaging them. Which is why we won't charge you for minor damage like minor scratches or desk diving marks. That said, if you do heavier damage like cracking the crystal or denting the case or you drown the watch because you didn't tighten the crown all the way, you'll be charged the cost of repairs. We take photos of each watch before its shipped to you, so you'll only be responsible for any new damage you've caused. Basically wear these watches like you would if they were your own.

What happens if I lose a watch or if it gets stolen?
You are responsible for the watches we lend out to you. If a watch is lost or stolen, you'll have to repay the full replacement value of the watch at the time of the incident(we do offer monthly installments that give you up to a year to repay the full amount). That said, this is not something you really have to worry about. We haven't had a single watch stolen/lost yet(our members tend to take extra care with the watches from our collection).

If you have any other questions, please get in touch with our staff via our contact form.


Rolex DateJust II Diamond
Rolex DateJust II
Rolex close
DateJust IIfilter_3
41mm Diamond

Tier 3 - Retails for $8,000+

A classic Rolex with a rhodium dial and diamond hour markers.

43mm Bremont ALT1-WT
Bremont World Timer
Bremont close
World Timer ALT1-WTfilter_2
42mm Blue

Tier 2 - Retails for $6,000+

A beautiful world timer with a blue dial and yellow accents and an internal bezel.

Panerai Luminor PAM233
Panerai PAM233 Luminor
Luminor Marinafilter_3
44mm GMT

Tier 3 - Retails for $10,000+

This is a unique Panerai, in that it has am/pm functionality(which you can see by the seconds hand).

Rolex Daytona Yellow Gold
Rolex Daytona
Rolex close
40mm Yellow Gold

Tier 7 - Retails for $30,000+

This is a stunning Daytona in Yellow Gold with a Paul Newman black dial...a truly unique piece that will tell everyone you meet that you've arrived.