What countries do you offer service in?
At the moment we only offer service in United States.

How do I join?
Start off by filling out our application. Once you do, you'll be contacted by our staff to go over the details. Please note, we give extra consideration to those referred to us by our current members.

How do I renew my membership?
Your lifetime membership auto-renews automatically(there are no monthly fees), and your points NEVER expire. On the anniversary of your joining WLC, you'll need to top up your points to stay at your current membership level. If you don't top up, you'll be downgraded to the lower membership level. So if you are a Gold Level member, at the end of the year you'll need to top up to 500 points to stay at the Gold Level, otherwise you'll be downgraded to Silver or Bronze(depending on how many points you have left)

Do I get anything for referring new members?
Yes, you'll get bonus points for referring new members. Nothing builds community like having your friends join in on the fun.

What's the procedure for taking out a watch?
Simple, select the watch you'd like to take and send in a request. Our concierge team will then let you know if the watch is available. If it's not, we'll recommend you a few options from the list of available options. If it is, the watch will be booked and you'll get it in the mail soon. Your booking period starts from the day the tracking shows the watch was delivered to your address. Each booking period lasts 30 days(we don't count the time the watch spends being shipped to/from us, so you get the full 30 days to enjoy the watch). You can reserve the watch for multiple booking periods and you also have the option to extend your booking(provided no other member is waiting for the watch). At the end of your booking period, simply ship the watch back and pick out another watch to take out.

How do I ship my watch back?
Put the everything back in the box, attach the included prepaid return label and send it back to us. As long as tracking shows that the watch was shipped on the last day of your booking, you won't be charged any late fees.

What happens if I damage the watch?
You'll be charged the cost for repair. The good thing is that we have a watchsmith on staff, so the actual cost will be lower than what you'd be charged by any other watchsmith. And you don't have to worry about paying for someone else's damage. We take photos of each watch before its shipped to you, so you'll only be responsible for any new damage you've caused.

What happens if I lose a watch or if it gets stolen?
You are responsible for the watches we lend out to you. If a watch is lost or stolen, you'll have to repay the full market value of the watch at the time of the incident(we do offer monthly installments that give you up to a year to repay the full amount). That said, this is not something you really have to worry about. We haven't had a single watch stolen/lost yet(our members tend to take extra care with the watches from our collection).

Do you offer insurance?
Yes, but that is only available to Elite Access members.

What is the Lend & Earn program?
Lend & Earn is our program that lets you make a few extra bucks from the watches collecting dust in your watchbox that you haven't used in years. We pay out 75% of all revenue generated from your watch. You can then use that income to buy more points or to cash out via Paypal or a Check.

Who can participate in the Lend & Earn program?
The program is open to anyone. That said, we don't take just any watch. The best way to see if your watch qualifies, is by going to the Lend & Earn page and getting in touch with us.

What if a watch I offer via Lend & Earn is damaged/stolen?
We take photos of your watch when we first get it and we'll then compare to them when we return your watch. If there is new damage while the watch was in our possession, we'll have it repaired or will compensate you for the cost of the repair. If the watch is lost or stolen, we'll replace it with the same watch or will compensate you for the market value of the watch at the time of the loss. As you can see, there is really no risk for you. That said, please do not submit any heirlooms to the Lend & Earn program. Our compensation only covers the actual cost of the item, not it's sentimental value.


Rolex DateJust II Diamond
Rolex DateJust II
Rolex close
DateJust IIfilter_3
41mm Diamond

Tier 3 - Retails for $8,000+

A classic Rolex with a rhodium dial and diamond hour markers.

43mm Bremont ALT1-WT
Bremont World Timer
Bremont close
World Timer ALT1-WTfilter_2
42mm Blue

Tier 2 - Retails for $6,000+

A beautiful world timer with a blue dial and yellow accents and an internal bezel.

Panerai Luminor PAM233
Panerai PAM233 Luminor
Luminor Marinafilter_3
44mm GMT

Tier 3 - Retails for $10,000+

This is a unique Panerai, in that it has am/pm functionality(which you can see by the seconds hand).

Rolex Daytona Yellow Gold
Rolex Daytona
Rolex close
40mm Yellow Gold

Tier 7 - Retails for $30,000+

This is a stunning Daytona in Yellow Gold with a Paul Newman black dial...a truly unique piece that will tell everyone you meet that you've arrived.